...and our world of Acoustic Covers!"

Here at Superphonix - that's music producers Barnaby Pinny and James Reader - we've been producing commercial music in the 'acoustic covers' space since 2019. We arrange and record understated 'acoustic' cover versions of pop music hits - both recent and nostalgic.

Enjoying collaborations with four Spotify artists - Hannah's Yard, Grace George, Plamina and (most recently) Laurence O'Brien - we're thrilled to have seen their online artist profiles grow to over 650k Spotify 'monthly listeners' collectively. We're now responsible for in excess of 30 million music streams on the Spotify platform alone and anticipate a further 20 million more in 2022 alone.


All of our song recordings (with their respective 'instrumental' version) are available for synchronisation in advertising, TV and film media. Assuming clearance from the respective song publisher is granted, an immediate decision regards a prospective sync licence for the master recording can be given. Most recently, Take That's 'Back For Good' (Hannah's Yard) has featured in Hollyoaks (Channel 4, UK) and Randy Newman's 'Feels Like Home' (Hannah's Yard) has been used in numerous Instagram posts by UK personality Stacey Solomon.